Road to Recovery
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More than 20 million people are struggling from drug addiction.

America’s opioid epidemic could claim 1 million lives by 2020.


In the powerful new docu-series, “Road to Recovery,” Emmy Award winning investigative reporter and recovering addict Rob Koebel is on the front lines in the battle to save lives. But Rob isn’t doing this alone.  Each week a different celebrity in recovery joins him. Together they meet and help everyday addicts.




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Rob is one of the nearly 24 million Americans who are in long term recovery from drugs and alcohol. His story of losing it all to addiction made headlines across the country. Rob's 20 year career as a Emmy Award winning investigative reporter was done. After losing what he felt was his purpose and passion in life, he discovered his true calling.

  • Emmy Award for “Asleep at the Wheel”, series unveiling the impacts of sleep deprivation and the deadly dangers on the roads.          

  • Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Award, Investigative story: “Congressional Bonuses.”

  • Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Award, Continuing Coverage: “School Bus Bully.”

  • Winner of 2010 Edward R Murrow Award for Continuing Coverage: “Stuck on a School Bus.” A more than yearlong investigation which exposed wasted tax payer money.

  • Emmy Nomination for Continuing Coverage: “Stuck on a School Bus.”

  • Associated Press Award for Best Light Feature: “President Obama Return’s to SW Florida.”

  • Associated Press Award for Investigative Reporting: for exclusive story that exposed a network of counterfeit sports memorabilia sold at stadium stores across the country.  

  • Emmy Nomination for Investigative Story; “Who’s Driving Your Kids School Bus?” 

  • Emmy Nomination for Health/Science story, “Stroke on a Bus.”


The Bright Side of Recovery


Emmy winning former reporter Rob Koebel on the podcast and we talk recovery and come backs. Hear his inspiring story about redemption and a new path in life and how he owes it all to his ex-wife.

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The Addiction Show with Shira Goldberg


Rob Koebel talks about the event that wrecked his reporting career, how treatment helped stop him from drinking and how he looks back at the entire process. He shares his thoughts about the stigma that surrounds those with addiction and how he made it out.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


For TV reporter Rob Koebel, fall from grace led to finding new career

Former WTMJ-TV (Channel 4) investigative reporter Rob Koebel is no longer a journalist

Light Hustler


Episode 121: Finding Recovery After a Scandal with TV Journalist Rob Koebel



“Hugging the Cactus” with Rob Koebel, a TV reporter’s story of addiction. 

Four years later, Rob is sober and on a mission to put purpose and passion back into his life.

FTV Live


Former Milwaukee Reporter: I'm grateful to be an alcoholic

Rob Koebel is showing that there is life after news and life after the bottle as well. 



A one year experiment seeks to discover whether coaching can help ordinary people achieve extraordinary things. In one night of drinking, Rob lost everything. His Emmy award now sits on the shelf, a reminder of the career he once had, and the family who will no longer take his calls. A moving story of courage and transformation which sets out to inspire one million people around the world to realize what is possible, and take their own Leap.

Chasing Evel: The Life of Robbie Knievel


Rob Koebel covered all of Robbie Knievel's stunt jumps for FOX. But behind the scenes, both Koebel and Knievel were fighting a losing battle against addiction.